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*tilts head curiously* You mean ... when we grow too old to fight? *blinks* I don't know that we have really thought of that.

*nods* We have been gladiators and warriors since we were ... *blinks* Born? Maybe? I can't remember. Always, anyway. All our lives.

But if we manage to live to be too old ... *tilts head, thinking* We could be whores? They can last a long time. And it's a fun business, most of the time.

Or we could run a guild. *grin* I think we'd be very good at that.

Or we could go to one of the small islands, the fishing islands, or the sailing islands? *looks at Nira* Lounge around in a boat all day getting weathered and worn, until we can wiggle our fingers in each other's wrinkles? *grins* Play with the sharks, sometimes, for the fun?

*laughs* We could play pirates, too, to break the monotony! Kidnap princes and steal them away to our island until they fall in love with us and give us pretty things.

*grins, pokes her* Jared steals us pretty things anyway, greedy one. *frowns* We'd have to bring him too. Or stay in touch, definitely. And Slate can come with us. *giggles* We can wiggle fingers in his wrinkles, too, if he lets us.

*laughs, kissing her full on the mouth* We could sail to Forfar, Felspar. Maybe even to the Rim. *grins fiercely* Sail right up to heaven's gates while we yet live! Carry our fallen all the way! *grows serious, a little* No-one's done that, not from Jawburn. No-one was ever free to do that. We could be the first. *smiles* Be the best. Like always. Even old and wrinkly and too slow to fight.

*curls around her, laughing warmly, licking her ear* But beautiful, still. Like Mama Marlenusia. With silver hair and brown spots, and wrinkles to our knees, and making all the old men love us because we smile like young women. *laughs* Love like young women, too. No point, otherwise.

*rolls over so she's on top of her love, grinning* I'll braid your hair for you, all silver and white, make you a crown to go to heaven with. *leans in, kisses her slowly*

*laughs up at her* I'll tie your knife in your hand, at the gates, so you'll always be a warrior, Nira-nai. With crooked hands and saggy breasts, and laughing eyes and gleaming blades. *lunges up, pulls her down and over, laughing with her as they roll around, landing on top to kiss her softly, teeth and smiles* My warrior-love, my sister-soul, to walk to heaven at my side. *leans in, nibbling, grinning* My love, my Nira-nai.

*looks up at her, black eyes smiling so deep, laughing bright and beautiful* Love you, Ara-love. Love you always.

Love you too, Nira-nai. Love you all the way to heaven. *bites lip, nuzzling Nira's throat* Forever and always, all the way.

*grins, reaching up to trace her cheek, to tap her full lip* Won't ever grow up, will we? Always me, always you. Always in love. Can't grow up, like that, can we? Just be older outside, same inside. *smiles slowly* Hearts don't grow wrinkles, do they?

*stares at her, eyes shining like dark stars, adoring* No. *slowly* No, I don't think they do, Nira-nai. I don't think they do.

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