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My name is Ara. No surname. Slaves and gladiators don't rate that kind of thing, and besides. It's cumbersome. Ara alone is so much easier to remember. *grin*

And I'm Nira. Her lover and friend. No surname either.

We, together with an ex-mine foreman named Slate and a thief named Jared, are a team of mercenaries operating primarily in the Southern Archipelago of Medath. 

We used to be gladiators in the mining arenas on Jawburn, a small nation made up of five islands in the southern central region of the Archipelago. We left as soon as possible, of course, and strongly dislike being asked to return. If you want a job done on Jawburn, hire someone else, yes?

We also moonlight as thieves, and on rare occasions as women of price. *grin* And sometimes women of no price at all, but that's off the clock. It's work we enjoy, and we charge less for people who book both of us. *smile* We love working together best.

However, fun aside, our primary working joy is fighting. We didn't end up gladiators by accident, not with our looks to consider. We're pretty damned beautiful, and the arena was nearly a waste of our talents, but ... well, we're ten times as gorgeous in battle and streaked with our enemies' blood. *shark grin* You should all watch sometime. You'd soon see what we meant.

Anyway. *grin and wink* We're pleased to meet you, and hope to get to know you all much, much better.

Drop by any time.

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